About Us

PioneerWireless is an independent internet service provider owned and operated in Pontiac, Quebec serving both Quebec and Ontario.

PioneerWireless was born out of the need for high-speed internet access in regions not served by larger telecom companies. Dial-up access was just not an option anymore. We understood your frustration because, as your neighbours, we were in the same situation. In fact, we built this network because we were tired of waiting  for someone to provide us with the same level of internet service as that enjoyed by those living in larger urban areas.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring affordable and reliable high-speed internet to our clients within an ever expanding region. This is challenging since much of our region is sparsely populated and filled with obstacles such as hills and forests. Nonetheless, we are committed to a “no one gets left behind” policy.

How it Works

PioneerWireless connects to a high-speed source and brings it to your doorstep with the help of powerful radios using frequencies from the unlicensed public spectrum. Our radios can bridge up to 50 km and still carry connection speeds that rival fibre. However, those radios require line of sight to connect which is why we may not be able to reach you yet if you live in an area surrounded by trees or behind a hill.

Cliff Bellis
Owner and founder of PioneerWirelesss

I just wanted send you a quick note letting you know that I’ve been very impressed how our internet has held up over the past 6 weeks since working from home.  We have two adults working full-time, conducting Skype and Zoom meetings all day long and two teenagers gaming and doing the social media thing (mind you they don’t wake up until the afternoon so maybe that helps :), and we have had successful meetings with no dropped connections (on our end) every everytime. Thanks for providing reliable, well performing service. I’m sure it’s not easy and you are working tirelessly so that your customers can work from home seamlessly. Thanks,

— Cheryl S.