From our Customers.

"My Husband and I live in an area that has not been able to support high speed wireless, except through satellite which was prohibitively expensive for non business use. We had given up hope until we met Cliff Bellis, spring of 2006. He has provided us with Wireless High speed service very efficiently and at a reasonable cost.
Mr. Bellis is always extremely helpful.He helped us out with problems we had in understanding and using his service with a great deal of patience. We have found Mr. Bellis to be very approachable, contacting us promptly to answer any questions.His system is extremely reliable, and very fast. We have found it a pleasure dealing with someone with so much integrity, and are extremely happy with his product! "

Barbara and Brian B
Barlow Cres Dunrobin Shores

"After being hounded by my kids for a couple of years and having no technical solution available, we were all gritting our teeth when along came Pioneer Wireless. The installation was quick, simple, and hassle free and, best of all, the wifi service in the house works flawlessly. Throughout it all Cliff Bellis was knowledable, helpful, and the essence of good service.
I, and we, could not be more pleased, and can recommend Pioneer Wireless without reservation."

Peter C.
Barlow Cres Dunrobin Shores

"Utilisateur des services de Pioneer Wireless depuis plus de six mois, je ne peux que vanter les mérites de ce systeme ultra-rapide et d'une efficacité déconcertante.

1-le systeme est stable et excessivement fiable

2-le service des responsables est rapide, courtois, a-propos et expliqué de façon compréhensible pour le commun des mortels

3-l'équipement de l'infrastructure de base est de tres grande qualité et de derniere technologie

4-la performance du systeme s'améliore constamment, en phase avec les progres réalisés dans le domaine du sans-fil, un phénomene que j'ai observé, personnellement.

En conclusion, je recommande fortement ce service d'une qualité surprenante qui nous fait passer, comme par magie, d'une vitesse de course a pied a celle d'un avion de chasse et, tout cela, a un prix défiant toute concurrence."

Roger T








Cliff Bellis
Business 819-455-1100
Mobile  613-255-4650

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